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January 2023:     Chris Perkins of Road & Track has referenced Race Car Vehicle Dynamics in several of his recent Car Culture columns.  The first of the series is on steering.  Doug Milliken was interviewed for Perkins’ second and third articles on suspension.  Permanent links:  steering, front suspension, rear suspension.  The Millikens have had a long relationship with Road & Track magazine.  For example, Kim Reynolds of R&T wrote the very first book review of Race Car Vehicle Dynamics in January 1995.  The review spanned two pages.


August 2022:     The ASME Vehicle Design Committee hosts the 10th annual William F. Milliken Invited Lecture.  Initiated by Dr. Vladimir Vantsevich in 2013, this honors an outstanding researcher, engineer or educator, in memory of vehicle dynamics pioneer Bill Milliken (1911 - 2012).  Some background on the award, distinguished past winners and their lectures can be found in this presentation.

May 2022:     MRA Associate Edward Kasprzak returns for his third year as a Formula SAE Design Event co-Captain.  After two years organizing the virtual design events, this is his first year as an on-site Design Event Captain.  Dr. Kasprzak has been a FSAE Design Judge since 2011.

March 2022:     Noted automotive writer Karl Ludvigsen features "Bill

Milliken’s White-Knuckle Ride" on his new website.  This short biography draws on their long friendship and includes photos from the Ludvigsen collection.  Permanent link found here.


August 2021:    Julian Edgar's book, "Car Suspension: - over 120 years

of ride and handling", features several dozen interesting cars to illustrate suspension developments through history.  It also includes a basic introduction to suspension theory and an overview of suspension kinematics and compliance testing.  Doug Milliken was invited to read and comment on

early drafts of this excellent introduction to the subject.


March 2020:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 600th member!


July 2019:     Motor Trend magazine chooses the Citroen SM as one of
the Ultimate Car of the Year finalists, celebrating 70 years of this
  Bill Milliken was one of the judges that year and gets a mention at the start of the article, along with the rest of the panel of highly experienced experts.  Permanent link found here.

February 2019:     Bill Milliken's early involvement in SCCA and Watkins Glen was mentioned as part of a series on the 75th anniversary of SCCA, read it here or here. 

September 2017:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 500th member! 

February 2017:     An e-mail exchange between Kim Reynolds and Doug Milliken led to this MotorTrend article on 0-100-0 testing.  Permanent link found here.

June 2016:    The July 2016 issue of NASCAR Illustrated magazine spotlights engineers and engineering behind the scenes in NASCAR.  Jon Gunn interviewed a number of people for his lead article, covering the traditional crew chief ranks as well as engineers.  Doug Milliken is quoted heavily on the beginning of vehicle dynamics support by the manufacturers in the 1980s, and then within the top teams.

March 2016:    The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 450th member!   Also in March, the FSAE TTC ran Round 7 tests, funded by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and using tires made by their UK subsidiary, Avon.

November 2014:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 400th member! 

September 2013:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 350th member!

July 2012:     Doug Milliken and Edward Kasprzak have contributed three chapters to the new book Learn & Compete: A Primer for Formula SAE, Formula Student and Formula Hybrid Teams.  The chapters address Tires, Suspensions and Vehicle Simulation.  (Update December 2016:  The first edition is sold out.  Used copies are listed on book seller sites and a second edition is nearing publication.)

June 2012:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 300th member! 

April 2012:     MRA Associate Edward Kasprzak has been named the 2012 recipient of the Excellence in Engineering Education award by SAE International.

January 2012:     Jay Leno and Michael Argetsinger discuss Watkins Glen, Formula One and Bill Milliken in this interview.  If you are not able to see the video, this page nicely summarizes their discussion.

November 2011:     The MIT alumni magazine published a short bio of Bill Milliken, At 100, Bill Milliken Officially a Legend.  Permanent link can be found here.

September 2011:     Watkins Glen International has added Bill Milliken to the “Legends of the Glen” with an award ceremony at the Grand Prix Festival on Sept. 9th.  He’s in good company—this year’s other two inductees are Jeff Gordon and Mario Andretti.  WGI posted a very nice press release, the induction ceremony is on YouTube, and Bentley Publishing posted a nice article.  Also present (and heard!) at the ceremony was the MX-2, Multimatic’s new camber car.  We hope to see more of this exciting development in the future.

January 2011:     Doug Milliken and Edward Kasprzak continue to participate in the SAE Industrial Lecture Program.  Over the last eight years they have totaled over 25 visits to universities across the USA and Canada speaking on data for vehicle dynamics modeling, suspension design, instrumentation and tire testing/modeling.  Follow this link to request a lecture.

December 2010:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium celebrates its 250th member! 

December 2010:     The AIAA has presented the 2011 Pendray Literature Award to Bill Milliken for a combination of lifetime achievement and his autobiography, Equations of Motion.  Permanent link found here.  The ceremony also included the dedication of CAL/Calspan as an Historic Aerospace Site.  Video from this event can be seen here, courtesy of WKBW-TV.  (If having trouble viewing, right click and “Save target as...” to your machine.  Then open with VLC.)

May 2010:     Karl Ludvigsen publishes his definitive technical biography, Colin Chapman: Inside the Innovator including a back cover quote from Bill Milliken.  Doug Milliken and Sabu Advani reviewed the book for

April 2010:     The International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen Hosted a 99th birthday party for Bill Milliken.

January 2009:     The Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium launches a secure forum for the discussion of FSAE TTC tire data and modeling.

May 2008:     Former Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McLellan interviews Bill Milliken for one of his podcasts.  Bill talks about Maurice Olley (designer of the first Corvette chassis) who was finally being inducted into Corvette Hall Of Fame.  Bill and Dave also share some other stories about Corvettes and racing.  The telephone interview lasts about 50 minutes.  Dave has done a number of interesting podcasts/interviews.  His site is highly recommended. Dave's site appears to be down (12/2017), the page is archived here and if the audio does not play, it can be downloaded.

February 2007:     Bill Milliken's first stop on his book tour was at the International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen.  The Center made an audio recording of Bill telling stories from Equations of Motion. (If having trouble playing, right click and ‘Save link as...’.  Then locate file 2007_milliken.mp3 and double click to open with your audio player.)

December 2006:     Bill Milliken's autobiography, Equations of Motion, is now available. Please follow this link to Bentley Publishers for more information on the book.  Karl Ludvigsen's 2004 article on Bill is also available for free download on the same page (first printed in Automobile Quarterly).

May 2004:     A new short biography of Bill Milliken, written by noted automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen, appears in Automobile Quarterly Volume 44 No 1 (First Quarter 2004), pages 18-33.

25 March 2004:    The VDMS pages of this website have been updated to reflect changes in version 3.21.

March 2004:    Current versions of MRA's comprehensive vehicle models are:

18 March 2004:    Flutenews, the magazine of the Vauxhall Owners Club 1903 to 1957, has allowed us to post their book review of Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis.

September 2003:    Doug Milliken starts his second (academic) year of student lectures supported by the SAE Foundation. See the SAE Industrial Lecture Program for details.

5 May 2003:    Race Car Vehicle Dynamics: Problems, Answers and Experiments is now available, published by SAE. This 300 page update to the original RCVD Workbook includes many new problems, detailed solutions to all questions and simple measurements and experiments which can be performed on your own vehicle. The accompanying CD contains simple vehicle dynamics programs.

10 June 2002:    For your convenience, the MRA website now has a Site Map.

23 May 2002:    The Rolls-Royce Owners' Club has given us permission to reprint their book review of Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis.

31 March 2002:     An Errata Listing is now available on the MRA website for Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis.

15 March 2002:    MRA's VDMS vehicle simulation is now listed by The Mathworks (developers of MATLAB/Simulink) on their Mathworks Connections Program page. Please contact MRA if you have questions that are not covered in the VDMS Tour.

19 February 2002:    The Millikens' new book, Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis, based on previously unpublished technical notes by Maurice Olley, is now available from SAE.

14 September 2001:    Milliken Research Associates announces the launching of its website ""



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